Why McKay is the Best Candidate
for Laguna Beach City Clerk

A Veteran with a
proven heart
for service

I am here for you. Working for you. Helping you. At your service.


Your ambassador. Assisting you. Informing you. Focused on you.


Putting my skills to use for YOU!

Who is Ann Marie McKay?

My priorities:

  • Improve transparency
    • Have ALL public records information posted on the City’s website.
    • Use my extensive knowledge of City operations and how to leverage technology to ensure the public has easy access to the current and accurate information you need.
  • Improve access
    • Have information easily accessible on the City’s website.
    • Leverage my skills in technology to keep the City Clerk’s webpage updated and organized with the information you seek. I have the verified skills to backup my promises. Besides this campaign website, I have been an administrator for every website and software program used by those that employ me because of my strengths in this area.
  • Improve efficiency
    • Streamline processes by ensuring information is quickly and readily available.
    • Ensure documents are scanned to be searchable, improving your ability to find the information you are looking for.
    • Ensure Council meeting agenda items are bookmarked appropriately, enabling you to quickly jump to the item you are interested in. I used this capability when I handled the Planning Commission meetings and know how helpful this simple action is to those viewing archived meetings. 
    • Ensure Council meeting agendas, recaps, and minutes are searchable, improving your ability to find the information you need on specific topics.

Municipal Clerk Certification

Your average person does not necessarily know what a City Clerk does, much less certifications that are available for municipal clerks; however, as this subject comes up, I want to ensure voters understand what is involved. 

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