Vote for Ann Marie McKay in the November 2020 General Election
to ensure Laguna Beach's next City Clerk is:

A Veteran with a Proven Heart for Service

Objective & Transparent

Knowledgeable & Skilled

My talents and heart are in serving the public.

Before coming to Laguna, after I graduated with my Mathematics degree, I served as a Captain in the Air Force, serving from pre-9/11 through the period of the Iraqi/Afghanistan conflicts. I served this City for 10 years as Administrative Assistant for the Community Development Department. Now I want to serve our community as its next City Clerk. This is a vital elected position exists to help you. I excel at customer service, and my priority will be transparent, pleasant, competent assistance.

My experience as an Air Force Officer honed important skills that I have used in my current full-time job as the Office Manager for a prestigious family law firm, responsible for managing the daily operations of the firm, solving administrative problems and addressing human resources issues. I will levy my strengths in conflict-resolution and file management as your City Clerk. 

I am the best candidate to be Laguna Beach’s next City Clerk because I have the experience, talents and neutrality necessary to serve our community. My experiences in the Air Force not only provided me with the opportunity to work with incredible diversity, but also instilled the importance of working together without politics and bias. 

I will use my knowledge of City-specific technology (like the permitting system, the document retention system, the City maps system, etc.) and my technological skills to streamline and bring efficiency to the City Clerk’s office, to provide the accurate and current information that you need.

With my years of experience as an Air Force officer, City employee, and as a Notary Public, I have the knowledge and skills to execute the City Clerk’s role with excellence. Also, I am supported by the two previous City Clerks, providing nearly 40 years of valuable experience in this role.

In addition to helping people, my passion is helping animals. When I was stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, I began volunteering at the local animal shelter. Once I transferred to California, I sought out similar volunteer opportunities; I currently serve as President of PUP Laguna Beach, the nonprofit that supports the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter, and I have been an active volunteer at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter since 2011.

My dedication to service, community, and inclusiveness did not end when I exited the military and became a civilian. I am actively involved in our community and my objectivity and willingness to truly listen enable me to make unbiased decisions and provide equal assistance to everyone.

I know and love Laguna. From working, volunteering, walking and biking in the City, to living in North Laguna, the Village, and South Laguna. I have worked and participated in Planning Commission, Design Review Board, City Council, and various other city meetings. I understand the issues and I respect the many viewpoints our residents express.


I hope you will let my commitment and experience work for YOU by voting for me, Ann Marie McKay, for Laguna Beach City Clerk.

The Importance of Independence

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