“I am a retired city clerk (and served as deputy city clerk in Laguna Beach). It is extremely important that the city clerk’s office retain independence from the city manager and city council because the office is there to ensure citizens can participate in their local government no matter who or what they support politically. That’s why I support Ann Marie McKay. She is not beholden to other officials in city government. And, she is smart, has city government experience, and a hard worker.” – Meg Monahan

“Having known Ann Marie since I was Laguna Beach City Clerk, I KNOW that she would do a fantastic job and the City would indeed be fortunate to have her!”

Martha Anderson
Laguna Beach City Clerk

“Ann Marie has the strength, experience, and love of public service to be a great city clerk. The importance of electing a city clerk whose independence and responsiveness to residents are unquestionable is paramount. Ann Marie is such a person.”

Verna Rollinger
Laguna Beach City Clerk 

Grassroots Support

“Ann Marie is a passionate and dedicated leader. I know from firsthand experience volunteering with her at the animal shelter. She has the integrity we need for City Clerk.”

Tracy Keys

Laguna Beach Animal Shelter volunteer, Laguna Beach resident, and Philanthropy Officer for Mercy For Animals

“Without question, Ann Marie McKay was one of the most competent City employees I worked with during my years as a Planning Commissioner.”

Norm Grossman

Laguna Beach Planning Commissioner 1989-2015

“Ann Marie is well-spoken and a great communicator. She cares about the City and will make a great City Clerk.”

Pat Kramer

Retired 30+ year City of Laguna Beach employee and 30-year Laguna Beach resident

“Ann Marie McKay has the credentials to make the Laguna Beach City Clerk a truly transparent and objective local office. Laguna Beach resident, USAF vet, Community Development creds, and local animal shelter volunteer to name a few reasons why we support Ms. McKay for City Clerk.”

Wendy Nelson

Owner of Main Street Bar & Cabaret

“Beyond a doubt, with her proven, longtime track record of tireless service and dedication, Ann Marie McKay is the most qualified person to be the next Laguna Beach City Clerk, a position that requires the experience, integrity and competency that Ann Marie embodies. In the 12 years I have known and worked with Ann Marie, I have seen how she excels at anything she decides to take on, and I know how dedicated she is to Laguna Beach and doing her part to make a positive impact, and that she truly cares. That is why I am voting to elect her as our next City Clerk.”

Monica Tuchscher

19-year Laguna Beach resident

“I truly know that Ann Marie McKay will be the best candidate for Laguna Beach City Clerk.”

Mary Carter

Laguna Beach Community Leader

“I have worked with Ann Marie on several local issues over this past year and she is extremely hard-working, thorough, and has great insight to be objective. She has proven her ability to work with a team to find a solution.”

Gary LeFebvre

20-year Laguna Beach resident

“I am happy to endorse my friend, Ann Marie McKay for the office of City Clerk in Laguna Beach. While on a work assignment for the City of Laguna Beach, I had the pleasure of working with Ann Marie. I came to know her in the workplace and personally. Ann Marie left a deep impression on me as a honest, forthright yet endearing friend whom always sought to encourage, not to be judgmental or critical of others. Ann Marie told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear! My positive experience with Ann Marie affords me the confidence to give my full endorsement and encourage others to vote for Ann Marie as your next City Clerk of Laguna Beach.”

Sandra Spears

“I had the pleasure of working with Ann Marie in Community Development during my time with the City. It is with genuine praise when I say that she is the City’s biggest fan. I have listened to her common sense approach to City dealings and City employee interactions. Ann Marie is smart, capable, a computer whiz and fair, and the candidate I believe is the key to making Laguna Beach the service-oriented village by the sea it is meant to be.”

Anna Hutter

Code Enforcement Officer, City of Rancho Santa Margarita

“I worked with Ann Marie when she was a City employee, sharing an office with her for several years. She is hard-working, concerned and knowledgeable and understood the importance of providing helpful, accurate information to the public. The City Clerk’s office exists to serve the public. Most important for my fellow residents to consider is that Ann Marie understands and strongly believes in that public service and will provide it promptly, accurately and cheerfully.”

Margaret Brown

North Laguna resident

“I have known Ann Marie McKay for 8 years. She has been a long-time indispensable volunteer at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter. In addition, I worked closely with her when she held a part-time clerical position for a local Homeowners Association. I have found Ann Marie to be efficient, detail-oriented and extremely organized. Her excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, allow her to interface successfully with the public. I firmly believe that Laguna Beach would be fortunate to have Ann Marie as their City Clerk.”

Marty Kane

Laguna Beach Animal Shelter Volunteer

“One word I would use to describe Ann Marie is “dependable.” She’s very responsible, always there when you need her and always comes through. She’s dedicated, deeply committed, honest and trustworthy, and provides the best customer service. When I know Ann Marie is on it, I breathe a sigh of relief.”

Nancy Goodwin

60-year resident of Laguna Beach

“I worked with Ann Marie for many years in the City’s Community Development Department. There could not be a better candidate for City Clerk. She is so smart, computer savvy, even-tempered, and I’m sure will be very responsive to all the public’s needs regarding the City Clerk’s office. She is the best person for the job!”

John Montgomery

Director of Community Development (Retired)

“Ann Marie McKay is one of the most dedicated and focused individuals I’ve ever known. She is tireless, dedicated, honorable, and supremely qualified. She works harder than anyone I’ve ever met and will no doubt be the best city clerk Laguna Beach has ever seen. My vote is for Ann Marie.”

Ed Steinfeld

Laguna's KX FM morning radio host and Laguna Beach resident

“Ann Marie is passionate about Laguna Beach! She gives her heart and soul.”

Katie Van Harten

PUP Laguna Beach board member and Laguna Beach resident

“Ann Marie knows this city inside and out. She knows how to navigate her way through the maze of city government to solve problems. She is highly qualified, passionate and laser-focused on getting the job done!”

David Schreck

CEO, Leftcoast Studios and Laguna Beach resident

More supporters of McKay for Laguna Beach City Clerk:

  • Marc Berger (business advisor)
  • Joan Loos, Esq. (attorney)
  • Trudy Josephson (ret. speaker)
  • Glenna Matthews (historian)
  • Johanna Felder (community activist)
  • Dr. Barbara Hamkalo (professor)
  • Betsy Jenkins (community volunteer)
  • “Tommy J” & Gayle Joliet (artist)
  • Barbara Metzger (historian)
  • Barbara Dresel (ret. educator)
  • Darrylin Girvin (ret. stylist)
  • Charlotte Masarik (community activist)
  • Jason M. Schwartz, Esq. (attorney)
  • Ginger & Tom Osborne (ret. professor)
  • Anne Polkingharn (ret. librarian)
  • Gloria Martel (stay-at-home mother)
  • Aida Martinez (attorney)
  • Audrey Prosser (realtor)
  • Leah Vasquez (artist)
  • Robert Ward (accountant)
  • Dan Parks (consultant)
  • Nancy Wessel (ret. postal carrier)
  • George Weiss (ret. Marine)
  • Eric Smith (locksmith)
  • Chris Kreymann (ret. IT manager)
  • Gene Gratz (attorney)
  • Becky Jones (f. Planning Commissioner)
  • Tracy Keys (philanthropist)
  • Carrie Joyce (ret. LBFD admin assistant)
  • George & Diane Keplinger (community activist)
  • Greg & Barbara MacGillivray (film)
  • Simon Becerra (food & beverage industry)
  • Vicente & Susan Mas (ret. educator)
  • Kathleen Treseder (educator)
  • John Monahan (ret. mediator)
  • Laura Linsenmayer (business owner)
  • Rosemary & John Boyd (community activist)
  • Peter & Annegret Weisbrod (community volunteer)
  • Sally Bellerue (former Laguna Beach mayor)
  • Linda Brown (ret. educator)
  • Cathy Fry (ret. educator)
  • Ross Hering (Business Development & Marketing Specialist)
  • Michael Hoag (community activist)
  • Mary Ives (ret. educator)
  • Dr. Gary LeFebvre (psychology professor)
  • Marni Magda (ret. educator)
  • Barbara Manalis (psychotherapist)
  • Linda Pethick (attorney)
  • Laura & James Wantz (ret. accountants)
  • Rachel & Natalie Basmaciyan (NB homeless coord.)
  • Dr. Kathleen K. Treseder (professor)

I am dedicated to representing working people, to ensure their voices are heard,
and making our community better for all people—regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic or national origin. Therefore, I am honored to be endorsed by the OCLF.

“Your commitment to raising womens’ voices and opinions, humility and transparency, and history of public service as an individual are just a few reasons why we whole-heartedly support your campaign.”

“We appreciate your interest in public office and want to endorse you as a candidate who supports women’s reproductive rights.”

“We proudly stand with Ann Marie McKay. As a champion for women’s equality and access to opportunities provided by access to birth control and the right to control our reproductive lives, Ann Marie McKay knows that when women have the ability to control our lives, we have the ability to follow our dreams and make meaningful contributions to society.”

“Women for American Values and Ethics (WAVE) is honored to endorse Ann Marie McKay as a candidate for Laguna Beach City Clerk. We are grateful to have her as a supporter of WAVE and appreciate her leadership to support progressive issues in Orange County. Our membership, endorsement committee and Advisory Council wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.”